E-Participation Policy

E-Participation Policy


The purpose of the e-Participation Policy is to outline the necessary rules and regulations to state the use of e-Participation tools, explain the procedures and responsibilities resulting of its use as a recognized reference to managing all aspects of e-participation accurately in a manner that ensures achieving its objectives. In addition to specifying the regulations of the articles posted on social media sites and the website, it shall adhere to applicable federal and local laws, regulations and policies to ensure that all published information and content are general data, as stated in the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (21 of 2013) regarding taking all precautions to guarantee the safety of their data and IT assets and the continuity of service of the ministry

First: Our Commitment towards you

- We will always address you with respect and friendliness.

- We will communicate with you through helpful staff who has the knowledge, understands your needs and can answer your inquiries.

- We will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.

- We will provide you with accurate information and procedures for proper service.

- We will be present to communicate with you in the time and across the channels and sites that are most suitable for you.

- We will welcome your comments and suggestions to be partners with you in the development of our services.


Second: What we are hoping to find when communicating with you:

- Appreciation of the efforts of our employees serving you and dealing with them with mutual respect.

- Do not ask or discuss personal topics.

- Commitment to proper conduct and laws.

- Do not post comments that contain inappropriate language or violate the privacy of others or abuse them.

- Do not post any comments that breach security.

- Do not post any information or comments that violate intellectual property rights of others or disclose confidential information.


Supervision Policy

IA welcomes all participations and contributions, meanwhile all participations are subjected to audit and review.

Participations that contain one or more of the following features or content shall be rejected and removed.  IA reserves the right not to give reasons or justifications for such action:

-Represents a threat to security.

-Includes inappropriate language.

-Violates the privacy of others or offensive.

-Violates local laws.

-Indecent, obscene or defamatory.

-Includes unwanted messages or promotes any trade.

-May be interpreted as prejudiced or harmful to any section of the society on the basis of race, colour, nationality, religion or status ... etc.

-Includes collective or political discussions.

-Contains a breach of intellectual property rights