Massar Program



Academic Scholarships Program

The UAE Insurance Authority (IA) operates under a cohesive strategy to encourage and motivate Emiratization. The IA’s ratified Emiratization Plan offers scholarships for Emirati students in a number of leading educational institutions accredited within and outside the UAE. The Scholarships Program includes:

Massar Program” - To obtain the required majors:

  • Bachelor of Finance

  • Bachelor of Accountancy


Benefits and Remunerations:

The IA shall grant the students enrolled in “Massar Program” the following benefits:

  • A monthly allocation of AED (4000) for student learning under the Program thru the whole period of study.

  • The fees and costs charged by the study-institution, where the study takes place, shall be fully borne by the agency sending the student to study.

  • The agency sending the student to study may, after due approval by the Cabinet, exempt the student, who was unable to obtain the target academic Bachelor within the prescribed period, from refunding all or some of the educational expenses he received - if the reasons for his inability were beyond his control.


Students enrolling in the “Massar Program” are required to:

  1. Be UAE citizens.
  2. Have good conduct and behavior.
  3. Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent with a total percentage not less than 75% (seventy-five percent), or a cumulative average of (3), at least.
  4. Hold a not-more-than 3-year old high school diploma or its equivalent.
  5. Secure the acceptance of a recognized UAE accredited academy to apply for studying at a bachelor's academic level.
  6. Pass the enrollment and admission tests set by the agency sending them to study the scholarship.
  7. Not be on payroll of any employer or to have received more than one scholarship.
  8. Declare they have not been dismissed from any educational institution based on disciplinary causes, or due to irregular attendance without an adequate vindication.
  9. Declare they have not been dismissed from any governmental body for disciplinary reasons.


The required documents:

  • A copy of Passport.

  • A copy of Family Book.

  • A copy of ID card.

  • Two (2) personal photographs.

  • Certificate of Good Conduct & Behavior.

  • A copy of the GPA if the applicant is under-graduate in the last year or a penultimate year.

  • A certified copy of high school certificate for class (10, 11, 12) illustrated by the percentage of success, if the applicant is a high school graduate.

In order to apply for the Scholarship, you must complete the form of “Massar Program”, or via e-mail by sending a scanned copy to



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