​"MASSAR PROGRAM” to sponsor high school graduates and university students

The Insurance Authority announces the recruitment and sponsorship of a number of high school graduates and university students from the UAE nationals to study at one of the academic institutions within the country for the academic year (2018-2017) within Massar program in order to have the academic qualification to fill some occupations in the Authority.
The required specialties:

- Bachelor of Finance.
- Bachelor of Accounting.

Terms of Scholarship:
1. To be a UAE citizen.
2. Have good conduct.
3. Have a high school diploma or equivalent with a percentage of not less than 75% or a cumulative average of not less than (3).
4. The high school certificate or its equivalent should not pass more than three years from the date of obtaining it.
5. To obtain admission from a recognized academic institution in the State for the above-mentioned academic qualifications.
6. To pass the acceptance tests for the scholarships set by the Authority for this purpose.
7. Not to be an employee or to combine more than one scholarship.
8. He/She should not have been dismissed from a school for disciplinary reasons or because of his irregularity in the study without an acceptable excuse.
9. He/She should not have been dismissed for disciplinary reasons from any governmental entity.

Non-compliant applications will not be accepted.

CVs and qualifications should be sent within 2 weeks from the publication of this announcement to massar@ia.gov.ae

For inquiries please contact us at the below numbers:
Phone: 024990110
Fax: 025572111



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