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Innovation management System Policy

The Policy of Innovation Management System

The insurance Authority is committed to providing a vision, strategy and process for managing innovation based on shaping the future and providing innovative solutions to the challenges facing the insurance sector in the State. In addition to supporting  the sustainable development and advancement of laws, legislations, services, products and processes related to the insurance sector, aiming to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and happiness of customers, partners and stakeholders, which comply with the directives and regulations of the wise leadership of the UAE Government.

The Insurance Authority seeking to achieve this by: 

1- Applying and committing to the vision and strategy of the Insurance Authority and the Federal Government for innovation and working to achieve its content.

2-  Managing the innovation process in a way that benefits, improves and continually develops the services provided to customers and partners efficiently, and complies with the laws and regulations governing these services, making the best use of available resources.

3- Providing and supporting an innovative institutional culture that enables employees to participate and interact with the Innovation Management System.

4- Working to increase the level of satisfaction of customers and partners by providing excellent government services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

5- Providing and maintaining a process and mechanisms to manage innovation in line with the requirements of the European Innovation Management Standard 16555-1.

6- Keeping abreast of developments in the area of legislation and management of the insurance sector and technical developments in customer service and sustaining the improvement and development processes on the adopted systems and processes.

7- Working with teamwork spirit, by involving and enabling all employees, as well as enhancing the concept of teamwork through continuous education and effective training in support of continuity and continual improvement of the innovation management system and practical application of innovation process within IA.

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