International innovative insurance product award
About the Award:

In solidarity with the Year of Tolerance and in support of the innovation system in the UAE, the International Innovative Product Award has been launched as an active catalyst for innovation in the insurance sector.
This award is offered to the company / individual when participating by an innovative insurance product through:

  • Launching an innovative product;
  • Providing innovative service(s) that effectively meets the customers' requirements;
  • Technological innovation.
  • Develop and improve insurance procedures.
  • Addressing a challenge facing the insurance sector in the UAE such as: (Low awareness, Emiratisation and the minor number of UAE Nationals working in the sector, encouraging product diversity, creating new insurance products to meet customer needs).
Award's Objectives:

This Award aims to highlight all the innovative practices and products that address the challenges of insurance sector and/or lead to developing the UAE insurance sector, so as to determine all the best practices for promoting knowledge, boosting innovation and research attitude and provoke effective contribution in building an innovative cognitive economy for the UAE. Moreover, it also seeks to transform the scientific research and ideas into innovative projects that are economically applied, in order to achieve social and economic development in the UAE.

Completion Conditions:
  1. Participation will be made by providing an innovative product/practice that handles the challenges of insurance sector or leads to the development of UAE insurance sector.
  2. All Participation Applications will be evaluated by an Independent Evaluation Committee, and then the final list will be selected for interview.
  3. Complete the application form and provide all required documents.
  4. Unclear attachments will be excluded.
  5. Participation applications submitted in Arabic and English are accepted.
  6. Participation shall be made by filling in the relevant Form before 31 December 2019 of the same year.
  7. Any other requirements that the Committee deems relevant to the Innovative Insurance Product submitted for participation.
Evaluation Criteria:
  • Effect on insurance market and/or type of business.
  • Customers' needs satisfaction.
  • Creativity.
  • The Added Value of the Product / Service.
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