Inaugural Statement by H.E. Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al-Mansouri Chairman, the Board of Directors - Insurance Authority

Sultan-Pic1.jpgFollowing the issue of the Federal Law No.6 of 2007 on establishing the Insurance Authority and organizing its works, the activity of insurance in the United Arab Emirates entered a new phase by virtue of the supreme objectives which the Authority is working to achieve and the means provided to the Authority by the Law to achieve these objectives.

If among the objectives of establishing the Authority is the act of regulating the  activity of the insurance sector and monitoring it in a way that secures suitable environment to develop such an activity and enhance its role to provide security for both the individuals and possessions, the process of communication between the Authority from one side and the providers of the insurance services of insurance companies, and entities engaged in the professions associated with insurance from the other side and the public, the consumers of these services, the  applicants for  insurance, the insured and the beneficiaries of the insurance policies from another side, forms the optimal mean to disseminate insurance awareness and to enlighten each side with its rights and duties. Rather, it’s the most capable mean to approach each and every individual and body in the best clear form as fast as possible.

The establishment of the website of the Insurance Authority in its turn will contribute to transmit the Authority’s message to each and every one who maintains any relation with the works of insurance; those as a matter of fact are the entire segments of the society.

I have no the slightest doubt in my mind that all the employees of the Insurance Authority will exert every possible effort and time to achieve these objectives which are part of the United Arab Emirates’ march towards a productive and consolidated community that will attain prosperity  and welfare and help others to achieve this goal.

With ALLAH blessing we proceed.



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