The Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy against Loss and Damage and any rider to it, which governs the relationship between the Insured and the Company, and whereby the Company undertakes to compensate the Insured, on the occurrence of the damage hereby covered, in return of the premium paid by the Insured.

Company (Insurer):

The insurance company that is licensed to operate inside the State according to the laws and regulations issued in the State and accepts to insure the motor vehicle and has issued the Policy.


A natural or corporate person that has applied for insurance, entered into an insurance contract with the Company, and paid or has agreed to pay the premium.

Motor Vehicle Driver (Licensed Driver):

The insured or any person who drives the Motor Vehicle by the permission or order of the Insured, provided that they are licensed to drive according to the Motor Vehicle category pursuant to the Traffic Laws and other laws and regulations, and that the granted license has not been cancelled by a court's order or by virtue of the Traffic Laws and its Executive Regulations. This definition includes the driver whose driving license has expired if they manage to renew it within thirty days from the date of accident.

Motor Vehicle:

A mechanical machine, motorcycle or any other device that works through a mechanical force, and its specifications are described in the Policy.

Insurance Application:

The application that includes the details of the Insured, the details of the Motor Vehicle and the type of required coverage, and is filled in by or with the knowledge of the Insured electronically or in writing.


Every special agreement between the parties in supplement to the basic coverages under this Policy.


The consideration that is paid or undertaken to be paid by the Insured in return for insurance coverage.

Basic Deductible:

The amount paid by the Insured according to the Schedule of Deductibles attached to this Policy per accident.

Ancillary Deductible:

The amount paid by the Insured according to the Policy in addition to the Basic Deductible.

Natural Disaster:

Any general phenomenon that arises from nature such as floods, tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes and quakes, and leads to extensive and widespread damage, and in respect of which a decision is issued by the concerned authority in the country.


An event that occurs within the concept of Natural Disasters.


Every road open and available to the public without need to get special permission, and every place that is made available for the crossing of motor vehicles, and is made available to the public by a permission or license from a concerned authority or otherwise, for or without consideration according to the definition mentioned in the applicable Traffic Laws.

Depreciation Percentage:

The percentage payable by the injured party on the occurrence of an accident, and who requests the replacement of new parts in lieu of the used parts in case of partial loss according to the schedules of depreciation.

Insurance Period:

The period of time of motor vehicle insurance up to the end of the thirteenth month from the commencement of the insurance.



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