Warm greetings from Insurance Authority,

Several projects from the United Arab Emirates have been nominated for the WSIS 2019 competition in Geneva, Switzerland.
The result of the vote will determine the winning projects in several categories.
Insurance Authority participated in one of the categories that is "Category (Action Line) C7: “E-Government” and nominated for its "SIDRS" project.

Please visit the link and vote for the United Arab Emirates projects.

Note: to complete the voting process successfully, you must vote for one project in each category across all categories (18 categories)

To learn how to vote, either you can watch below video or you can follow the steps bellow.

Kindly follow the steps to complete the voting process successfully.

Step 1: Register and confirm via e-mail.
Step 2: Search for UAE projects that are participate in the award, in case it is not available try to choose any Arabic project.
To start searching, if you are using a computer press Ctrl + F or Command + F.
If you are using a smartphone, click on the sharing logo and click on the search icon or look up for "find on page" sentence. 
Category 1: dubai10x
Category 2: Saudi
Category 3: ADDMP
Category 4: eAwarness
Category 5: RoboTalk
Category 6: GeoTech
Category 7: SIDRS
Category 8: Saudi 
Category 9: Ajman
Category 10: Zayed
Category 11: I-recruitment
Category 12: E-License
Category 13: Saudi
Category 14: Arabic
Category 15: Mohammed
Category 16: Free Choice
Category 17: AQDAR
Category 18: UAE

Please share the link with your family and friends to support the Authority.

Thank you for your cooperation



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