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IA awarded five ISO conformity certificates covering various fields in 2018

: 8/28/2018

The Insurance Authority (IA) announced it has been awarded five ISO (International Standardization Organization) conformity certificates in the following fields: CSR (corporate social responsibility), complaints management, IT (information technology), innovation, and EHS (occupational health and safety).


In this context, the IA stated, "The fact of IA award of the ISO certificates reflects the combined efforts exerted by all IA's departments and work teams on all organizational levels to effectively apply ISO accredited best business practices. We emphasize that IA's performance lies within the framework of a clear national strategy, and we constantly strive to attain top ranks in the global competitive indices of the insurance sector. This will surely heighten the UAE's attractive regional and global position." 


His Excellency added that such rewarding outcomes are based on the IA's keenness to apply the finest international standards in order to realize competitiveness and global leadership. During 2018, the Authority has accomplished a significant achievement by obtaining many certificates in the field of managerial systems. This is in line with criteria based on optimum international standards, such as ISO 26001 on Corporate Social Responsibility, ISO 10002 on Complaints Management, CEN/TS 16555 on Innovation, ISO 27001 on Information Technology, and ISO 45001:2018 on Occupational Health and Safety, which is concerned with the safety of the employees, customers, and visitors. This enhances happiness at the workplace as well as the customers' happiness. Accordingly, the IA has become the first governmental entity in the United Arab Emirates to get a direct recommendation to be awarded ISO 45001:2018 by the British Standards Institute (BSI).


The IA stated that these achievements have been accomplished due to the IA's hard work towards implementing the standards required for the award of these international certificates. It is worth mentioning that the Insurance Authority has embarked on acquiring the ISO 9001:2008 certificates since 2014, and has upgraded the certificate to ISO 9001:2015 in 2017.



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