The IA Board of Directors discusses insurance issues and means to promote the government excellence platform

: 4/12/2015

Abu Dhabi, April 12, 2015

H. E. Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al-Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman, the Board of Directors of the Insurance Authority (IA) chaired a meeting of the IA Board of Directors that discussed many issues relating to the IA and the UAE insurance sector, in addition to the new government excellence platform of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for excellent government performance and means to apply it at the level of the IA.  


The meeting was attended by H. E. Humaid Ali bin Buti Al-Mhairi, Vice-Chairman, H. E. Ibrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of the IA, and Board members H. E. Maryam Buti Al Suwaidi, H. E. Maryam Mohammed Amiri, Mr. Hamad Harith Al-Medfaa, Mr. Hamad Saif Almansouri, and Ebrahim Nasser Lutah.


The Board reviewed the key work performance aspects in the IA and results of smart service development. The IA managed to take huge steps and leaps in the area of transforming into a smart authority in terms of service delivery by transforming more than (35) services to smart services which contributed to developing work performance in the IA and boosting the competitiveness of business performance in the local insurance market. During the current year, the IA will continue transforming the remaining transformable services to smart services.


Moreover, the Board discussed pillars of innovation and future forecast within the government excellence platform. It also reviewed the actions taken at the level of efficiency and governance of working system and pillars of result evaluation represented in measuring all the appropriate indicators to follow up, understand, and forecast the performance of capabilities and how far the targets are achieved, in addition to concentrating on learning and development.


 The Board tackled pillars of capacity evaluation represented in the effectiveness which contributes in achieving the strategic objectives and how far they are consistent with the best practices. Other pillars discussed include efficiency, represented in the optimum use of various resources and rational spending.


H. E. Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al-Mansouri affirmed that the UAE insurance sector is moving to a new stage of the increasing business growth, developing the competitiveness of the UAE insurance market and promoteing its pioneering position at the regional level, and consequently increasing the sector’s contribution to the UAE gross domestic product, based on the IA’s strategic plans and future visions in the area of developing laws and legislation and many other factors.


He said the IA has recently realized many achievements and outstanding results by developing the laws and regulations that organize the UAE insurance market, in consistency with the best international systems and standards, and also by improving the IA’s services to policyholders and the insurance business sector.


He asserted the importance of 4th generation of the government excellence platform to develop the governmental performance competitiveness in a manner that promotes the pioneering position of the UAE at the international level.


He said that success has no frontiers in the UAE and that excellence is the essence of permanent and ongoing success of the UAE in various areas and fields.


The pointed out the importance of focusing on the directions of wise leadership to ensure building a performance culture and a work environment that support creativity and innovation and the adoption of the right systems that enhance the engagement of employees, customers, and partners.


He emphasized the importance of developing the IA’s capabilities in the area of future planning and setting scenarios that forecast the future through the future trends and seeking to catch up with them. He indicated the importance of enhancing the efforts to ensure that the impact of the IA’s operations, services, and policies lead to achieve sustainability at the national level in the economic, social, and environmental areas.



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