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The Insurance Authority supports the traffic campaign, “Ensuring Pedestrians' Safety”

: 1/28/2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015



The Insurance Authority supports the traffic campaign, “Ensuring Pedestrians' Safety”



The Insurance Authority (IA) kicked-off an initiative to support the traffic campaign which was introduced by the Traffic Coordination Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior. The campaign has been launched under the slogan “Ensuring Pedestrians’ Safety”, and the IA has supported the campaign by publishing its slogan on its website and social media pages.


The traffic campaign “Ensuring Pedestrians’ Safety” aims to promote better traffic awareness for road users (drivers and pedestrians), in order to control road security, boost the traffic education of community members, improve the traffic safety rate, and promote a culture of respecting the rights of pedestrians on public roads. The campaign also encourages road users to abide by the traffic regulations related to pedestrians, by having drivers respect pedestrians’ rights and giving them space to cross roads.


The IA took part in this campaign because of its permanent commitment to improving the level of insurance awareness and boosting education about traffic safety among segments of the community. It aims to raise awareness about adherence to traffic rules and safety procedures on the road. In addition, the IA aims to minimize traffic accidents, in view of the direct relationship between insurance and traffic safety.



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