Insurance Authority direct companies to pay road compensations by e-dirham

: 6/6/2012
The Insurance Authority directed local and foreign insurance companies operating in UAE to pay fees, fines and compensations of damages occurring in the Federal road by e-dirham.
The Insurance Authority in a circular issued on June 5, 2012 stressed on the necessity of paying these fees and fines by pre-paid cards after launching the second generation of e-dirham system and applying same in the Federal Ministers.
The Insurance Authority advised the insurance companies operating in the State that paying these fees and fines cash and in cheques is halted. It drew the attention that this action came in line with the e-dirham second generation system and advised that cards are available at the branches of Abu Dhabi National Bank throughout UAE emirates.
It’s recalled that the Ministry of Finance and National Bank of Abu Dhabi officially launched the second generation of e-dirham system to the public during October 2011. The second generation of e-dirham will present new experience in electronic payment systems considering its multiple purpose system of electronic collection and payment and usage of the most modern technics and information technology.
E-dirham adopted the best international practices in safe, protected and active fields of electronic payment in addition to introducing new electronic payment modes and channels that avails highest expansion and spread and provide the most comprehensive system of electronic payment system in UAE connected to other international networks of payment.
It’s recalled that the Ministry of Works from its side got connected during April last to e-dirham (second generation) with the Ministry of Finance.
E-dirham projects are characterized by introducing the property of paying by the second generation of e-dirham cards besides Master and Visa cards for services requiring financial fees.
Development of the electronic payment system applied in the different Government and non-Government bodies play principle role in rationalizing usage of financial resources and enhancing optimal application of a balanced sustainable development in UAE.



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