IA measures satisfaction of the public, customers and insurance companies with the Emirates Vehicle Gate

: 7/27/2015

IA measures satisfaction of the public, customers and insurance companies with the Emirates Vehicle Gate 


Abu Dhabi, July 21, 2015


The Insurance Authority posted a questionnaire on its website to measure the satisfaction of the public, the insurance companies and brokers with the insurance services provided through the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) in collaboration with SAAED Traffic Systems.


H. E. Ebrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of the IA, said that the IA launched the questionnaire as part of its commitment to boost the approach of dialogue, exchange of views and ideas, and of involving all relevant parties in the development projects of the insurance sector, with the objective of improving the standard of insurance services and facilitating the procedures adopted in the provision of insurance services.


He confirmed that the questionnaire aims at identifying how far the EVG objectives have been achieved and would measure customer satisfaction with the EVG services for the purposes of improvement, development and rising up to the UAE government’s aspiration in the area of smart government application.


Al Zaabi invited the national and foreign insurance companies operating in the UAE as well as insurance brokers and the public interested in vehicle insurance via the “EVG” to participate in developing the insurance services provided via the “EVG” by visiting the IA website www.ia.gov.ae  and selecting the questionnaire link posted on the home page.


The Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) is the first of its kind worldwide providing an integrated and comprehensive package of services, processes, and procedures related to vehicles under one roof, mainly including insurance services.


The IA Director General pointed out that the “EVG” helps many of the SMEs’ owners of citizens and the public involved in the fields of insurance companies to cut their operational costs by using an advanced and distinct infrastructure supported with cutting-edge applications. It also enables the customers to sell and buy insurance policies through the electronic linking with the insurance companies.

He added that the EVG, which represents the result of cooperation between the IA and SAAED Traffic Systems, expedites the insurance procedures provided to the public by presenting price offers of insurance policies to the customers in an electronic form without having to visit the insurance company.  Further, the EVG boosts the healthy competitiveness environment in the insurance market which positively reflects on the customer. He indicated that the EVG provides competitive services that motivate the companies to make additional efforts to provide the customers and beneficiaries with the best services to ensure excellence and improvement of competitiveness to high levels.


The IA’s survey includes many key areas that contribute in measuring the satisfaction of the public, customers, and insurance companies with the Emirates Vehicle Gate and they are related to the convenient dealing with the EVG, the EVG promptness and response, customer satisfaction with the EVG, prices of services provided on the EVG, and an area related to insurance professionals only to measure integration with the insurance companies’ systems.


The questionnaire seeks measuring the EVG contribution in providing services to the public more rapidly than before, identifying the promote and effective response when communicating by the insurance company, measuring how the EVG provides its full services and procedures in a record time, and the EVG promptness retrieving information and interacting with users in a smart manner.


It also measures the clarity of procedures and information related to the services, the extent of meeting customer needs by the available services, how much the prices offers of insurance policies provided via the EVG are competitive compared to the market prices prevailing outside the EVG, customer satisfaction with the charges of transactions of issuing insurance policies and the prices of services provided, and how easy it is to pay the charges electronically.                             

The questionnaire seeks identifying how much the EVG is successful saving the effort of completing the transaction of issuing a full insurance policy to a client and it measures the completion and follow-up of an insurance claim process via the EVG in integration with the insurance company’s system. It also measures the EVG’s ability to provide useful data and information that facilitate submission of price offers to the customers, how easy it is to obtain information and data of those who request insurance price offers, and how much the EVG provides historical data on the accidents, violations, and black points of insurance applicants.



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