The Insurance Authority Participates in GITEX 2016 With New Smart Applications and Services

: 10/15/2016

Al Zaabi: The Authority endeavours for providing highly smart services to enhance the performance of the insurance market and globally raise its competitiveness.


Dubai – October 2016

The Insurance Authority participates, for the second year, in Gitex Technology 2016 with new smart applications and services in the field of the insurance services, which are provided to the customers, including the companies, insurance –related trades, document holders, and the public.

HE Ibrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of the Insurance Authority, emphasized that the new applications and services to be launched by the Authority in GITEX 2016 would be added to the qualitative success chain made by the Authority in the smart transformation field. It allowed the Authority to provide smart services to the customers, including the insurance companies, insurance –related trades, insurance document holders, partners, and the public.

He added that the participation of the Authority in GITEX Technology, for the second time, aimed at presenting the qualitative achievements of the Authority in the area of the smart and electronic services and transactions, introducing to its customers, partners, and public the smart services provided by the Authority, highlighting its future plans and projects to accomplish its visions of being a leader in regulating and developing the insurance sector and upgrading its standards for global competition.

The smart services, which are provided by the Authority to its customers and partners, include receiving and settling complaints, providing insurance inquiries, renewing the registration of the national and foreign insurance companies and their branches, as well as the insurance companies, individuals, agents, brokers, loss adjusters, mathematics experts, insurance consultants, the companies of health insurance claim management and their branches, renewing the entry on the record, and requesting for an amendment to the data of the insurance companies, and the companies of health insurance claim management, as well as the insurance companies, individuals, agents, brokers, loss adjusters, mathematics experts, insurance consultants on the record. There are also the automatic renewal of the licenses of the insurance –related companies and trades, e-payment for the service charges, following up the procedures of the provided services, and service performance 24/7.

Al Zaabi confirmed that such smart services contributed to continuously providing better services to the nationals, document holders, customers and the public, performing the insurance services in smooth and easy steps, which would save the time and effort and reduce the cost. It promoted the dissemination of the government innovation and excellence culture, the employment of the best human cadres, the combination of similar business, the efficient and effective linkage between the relevant relations.

He added that the Authority’s available application in the smart phones and devices made a quantum leap in the field of service provision and multiple communication channels with the customers, including the document holders, the public, and insurance-related trades alike. Furthermore, it simplified the procedures in line with the directives of the wise leadership, so that the business environment and the government work performance would be developed to meet the needs of the customers and the public.

He pointed out that the adoption of smart services in the Insurance Authority contributed to achieve a qualitative added value leading to a development in the work performance in the Authority and the insurance companies, a promotion of the insurance sector competitiveness, and an evolution in the UAE business environment.

Al Zaabi said: the Authority succeeded in making a smart transformation of 100% in the prioritized services. They are 11 services, according to the official report of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The Authority could transform 40 services, which were provided in a hard copy and manually, into smart services provided via smart devices and mobiles. It would enable it to become a smart authority providing modern and competitive services to build an advanced modern community in the UAE.

He added that the Authority succeeded in transforming the majority of its services, which were provided in a hard copy and manually shortly before, into smart services provided through smart devices. It reflected a development in the performance of the Authority and the sector, and in the Authority’s relation with customers and the public.

The Director General of the Insurance Authority emphasized that the objective of providing such services to the customers in the local insurance market was to develop the performance of the companies and the local insurance market, according to the best practices and standards, which would conform to high services. Such services would simplify the procedures, reduce the time and effort, save the costs, promote sector growth and local market competitiveness,  and support the economic growth. They would diversify the productive and economic base of the state, and strengthen the elements of abidance by the laws and regulations.

The smart services of the Authority contributed to make a distinguished added value, which resulted in developing the government work environment, enhancing the competitiveness of the insurance sector and the UAE business environment, and recording a quantum leap in the development of the business and performance at the level of the Authority and the  sector. Such value also resulted in providing better services to the nationals, the customers, and the public around the clock, carrying out the insurance transactions in smooth and easy steps, saving the time and effort, and reducing the costs.

These smart services were positively reflected on the work mechanism of the Authority and the customer performance results in terms of raising work quality, accelerating work pace, overcoming the difficulties, and developing the quality concepts. They also disseminated and circulated the innovation and excellence culture and upgraded the concept of the government services, which were to be provided to the business community and the public. They employed the best human cadres, combined similar business, and linked the relevant procedures to each other.

During its participation in GITEX last year, the Authroity launched the automatic renewal service, by which the insurance and insurance-related trades could renew the license in one step rather than the 8 steps, as was previously done, so that the license of the companies would be renewed in less than a minute.

The Authority launched the “Apple Watch” Initiative, by which the smart services of the Authority would be developed on an Apple watch. It would allow the customer to use the smart services easily and carry out the transactions rapidly around the clock.

This initiative provides many benefits, the most important of which are the notifications of all smart operations (licensing, registration, or complaints), direct communication with the Authority, complaint inquiry, input of complaints, a calculation of service costs, and a notification of the nearest sites of insurance services.



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