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IA launches an awareness campaign for policyholders and school students in Sharjah

: 2/2/2016

Sharjah, 02/02/2016

The Insurance Authority (IA) launched an awareness campaign addressed to policyholders, the public and school students of all school levels in order to enhance insurance awareness and culture among community members.  The campaign was launched during the IA participation in the National Gallery of Community Awareness and Human Services (Awareness 2016) recently took place at the Sharjah Expo Centre. 

The awareness campaign included the distribution of printed awareness material and organizing seminars and workshops to promote the insurance culture of policyholders and school students.

This campaign comes in line with the vision and mission of the Insurance Authority to promote the competitiveness of the local insurance market, upgrade the market to international levels and ensure insurance protection for policyholders and beneficiaries by introducing them to their rights and financial and technical obligations when buying insurance policies.

Ms. Afaf Ibrahim Al Marri, Member of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Sharjah and Head of the Social Services Department, and officials of the Department received a briefing on the content of the awareness campaign of the IA and its objectives and multiple initiatives.

The IA has distributed publications and pamphlets during the campaign to urge the policyholders and the public and encourage them to use the best insurance practices, particularly with regard to the statement of rights and obligations, when using insurance policies and different insurance products and when the potential risks occur, thus contributing to enhancing the insurance awareness of policyholders and the public about insurance issues, safeguard their interests and rights, as well as safeguarding the interests and rights of the insurance companies and insurance-related professions.

The campaign concentrates on (Know Your Insurance Policy), (Choose the Excellent Insurance Service before Price), (Know Your Rights and Duties), (General Guidance for Motor Insurance Policyholders) and (Live up to Your Service), in addition to an educational pamphlet on the concept of insurance, as well as an introductory booklet on the concept, principles and elements of insurance.

The IA also organizes educational seminars and workshops for policyholders, the public and school students throughout the days of the exhibition in order to develop insurance culture among policyholders and build up insurance awareness among the younger generation.​



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