Insurance Authority: Insurance Coverage Includes Viruses and Communicable Diseases

: 2/5/2020

​The Insurance Authority assured that all types of health insurance policies cover communicable and infectious diseases and viruses, unless otherwise excluded in the policy wording. 

The IA pointed out in a press release that the basic health insurance policy usuallyexcludes epidemics, provided that there is an official announcement that the illness is caused by any communicable and infectious diseases represents an epidemic situation.

The IA added that in case no official announcement is issued by the competent authorities in the state regarding the contagious disease such as " Coronavirus " constitutes a epidemic, the insurance companies remain liable for providing the necessary insurance cover for the health care services needed for the people included in the health insurance policies. 

The IA emphasized its eagerness to work side by side with all concerned government entities and private organizations to ensure the provision of appropriate health insurance services to the insured and beneficiaries promptly and in a way that ensures the best insurance services beneficiaries.



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