Insurance Authority Launches "Future Leaders" Initiative To Enhance the Capacities of Human Resource in the Insurance Sector

: 3/19/2019

​The Insurance Authority has launched the "Future Leaders" initiative in the insurance sector to qualify and educate UAE nationals, free of charge, in the field of insurance and to provide them with an internationally recognized professional qualification. The initiative aims at developing national human resources in the sector, investing in raising a generation of young Emirati leaders and enhancing capabilities and competences to meet the potential future challenges to be able to assume responsibilities and contribute to creating a unique global youth work model. 


H.E. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, the Chairman of the Insurance Authority, stated that the Authority endeavors, driven by the UAE's vision to build a diversified knowledge economy that competes with the best economies in the world and contributes to the advancement of the sustainable development process.The Authority is also keen to activate the constructive role of young people to achieve the UAE's vision 2021 and the national agenda.


Al Mansoori added that the Insurance Authority gives priority to the development the insurance sector and the related sectors. Since the launch of the first phase of the training of the sector by launching "Maharati" initiative, which aimed at training specific jobs, that achieve the minimum professional qualification (executive management and middle level management). The Authority has launched 6 training modules, 56 training programs in which 700 UAE nationals were trained (67% of UAE nationals in the sector).


"The Future Leaders Initiative aims to qualify 30 UAE nationals to occupy supervisory positions during the coming year for obtaining a diploma and advanced diploma in insurance. Firstly, a diploma in Insurance will be offered to 15 UAE nationals who fulfill certain conditions. By 2020, an advanced Diploma in Insurance will be offered for the same number, including successful diploma holders. The Diploma in insurance will be offered again to a new group in the same year and the subsequent years", added the Minister of Economy, Chairman of the Board of the Insurance Authority, while clarifying the details of the "Future Leaders" initiative. Phase II of the initiative aims at training specific jobs to achieve the overarching objective of professional qualification (senior management and middle level management).


Al Mansoori concluded that the development of talents and introducing the future pioneers of the insurance sector, by targeting the middle and senior departments will achieve the overall objective of professional qualification. As well as raising the technical and professional level of the human resources working in the local market, stimulating candidates to exceed the limits and to be professional with excellent skills that link the values of their key business with their professional identity.



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