Insurance Authority and Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) signs Personnel Training in Insurance Sector

: 3/1/2017

Abu Dhabi, on March 1st, 2017


Joint cooperation agreement is signed by Insurance Authority and CII for personnel training in insurance sector within program of multiple insurance specialties.


Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of Insurance Authority, in press statement said that the signed agreement aims to raise efficiency of national personnel in insurance companies and provide them with skills and qualifications that enhance local market and personnel efficiency performance in insurance sector.


The Minister confirmed that this agreement comes within the state approach to develop skills of national human resources, and within the Authority strategy and objectives to promote citizenship and raise scientific and practical level of personnel working in the sector, aiming to improve local market performance and competitiveness worldwide.


"Signing of this agreement with CII aims to achieve Authority objectives on increasing resettlement in the sector and raising human resources efficiency level in insurance local market through holding courses to qualify citizens and personnel in insurance companies who will obtain international certificates in insurance certificates," he said expecting that the agreement shall be valid in the first quarter of 2017.


This agreement is signed by H.H. Ibrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, GM of Insurance Authority, and Mrs. Sian Fisher CEO CII. The Minister explained that the provision of insurance personnel professional, technical and scientific skills is one of motivations for investment and essential factor in knowledge economy transition process. He indicated that education, training and qualification are important to accelerate knowledge-based economy transition and push UAE economic and social development process.


As well, he pointed out that lack of specialized national cadres in insurance industry and lack of programs and academic certificates specialized in insurance reflect on decreased ratio of technical and specialized resettlement in the sector.


He emphasized that cooperation between the Authority and CII came after research and investigation about the most important insurance institutes in world and the most important experiences took place in the developed countries for the purpose of raising the level of efficiency, improving personnel skills in insurance industry in accordance with highest standards, and obtaining best professional sectors in insurance sector.


Upon the signed agreement, Insurance Authority shall identify the certificates meant for certain professions and personnel in insurance sector. The program designed for this purpose will put forward some preparatory training courses of insurance basics in addition to certificates specialized in insurance. This agreement provides for the duties and rights of both parties in all areas before submitting training programs and exams. Also, it provides for the possibility of holding the exam at insurance Authority headquarters in UAE to help students and trainees to attend exams without any inconvenience of travelling abroad.


Upon this agreement, Authority is responsible to arrange training venue and infrastructure necessary for training program. It is responsible also to develop a plan in collaboration with CII about professions targeted in the first phase and certificated needed in the sector, in addition to developing annual training plan. CII role is to provide the Authority with educational materials for the programs proposed by them, and to provide the training institute with accredited trainers.

According to a study conducted recently by the Authority to determine the training needs of citizens and personnel in insurance industry, there is a great desire among insurance personnel (88.6%) to obtain scientific and professional certificates in insurance industry. CII was the first educational agency desired to obtain scientific certificates specialized in insurance.


Training program shall be implemented in two phases, first through providing training to obtain basic certificates in order to prepare citizens and personnel for the second phase, aiming to grant certain professions a professional diploma in insurance industry.


Targeted training courses deal with modern and sophisticated scientific material in insurance, such as general insurance, customer service and how to develop financial plans. Certificates in financial and insurance services and insurance will be granted.


CII is featured with its global education approach through specialized technical and training staff and global certificates granted by them in insurance area. ​



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