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IA Discuss Health Insurance Applications

: 6/27/2011
The IA organized an enlightening symposium on health insurance at its premises in Abu Dhabi. A number of the concerned, IA specialists, insurance companies and different classes of the public participated in the symposium.

H.E. FMIA, DDG of the IA said, “this symposium comes in the framework of IA’s plan to launch enlightening and awareness programs to enhance cognitive knowledge of health insurance, its justifications, importance, positivism and answer the different questions raised concerning applications of such kind of insurance.
She assured the IA continuous effort to acquaint these concerned and the public with the most recent developments in health insurance as to laws and regulations and establishment of the culture of dialogue as one of the important mechanism to develop the services to health insurance and benefit all the nationals and residents in UAE from them, indicating that the insured non-knowledge of his rights and duties and how to  use the health card to pay his insurance propelled the IA to intensity these symposiums on the different aspects of insurance in the local market.”

The symposium reviewed health insurance programmers as to coverage which depend upon many factors, the most important of them type of the health programme, geographical scope of coverage, age span of the insurance applicant, exceptions and possibilities of coverage under special terms and conditions.



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