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Insurance Authority participates in the 1st Job Fair for National Service Recruits 2016 in Abu Dhabi

: 5/24/2016
Insurance Authority participates in the 1st Job Fair for National Service Recruits 2016 in Abu Dhabi
Al-Zaabi: We endeavor to enable the national cadres and provide career opportunities that meet their aspirations and build their future
Abu Dhabi, May 24, 2016
Insurance Authority participated in the 1st Job Fair for National Service Recruits 2016 held in Abu Dhabi during the period 23 to 25 May 2016, in order to attract national cadres and young skilled UAE nationals who have completed their national service period.
HE Ibrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of the Insurance Authority emphasized the importance of the IA participation in this Fair designated for national service recruits, which comes in line with its efforts to contribute to the various activities that serve the UAE society, especially in the area of ​​empowering citizens and providing career opportunities that meet their ambitions and contribute to building their career and vocational future.
He explained that this Fair is a great opportunity to attract qualified young national resources, graduates of national service, to work in the various IA departments, offices and sections as well as in various fields at the level of the insurance sector.
Through this Fair, the Insurance Authority provides a plenty of jobs designated to national service recruits in various disciplines and grades distributed to its regulatory departments, offices and sections, both at the headquarters in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai branch, in addition to providing many offers of work programs, including jobs and privileges provided to citizens in order to attract them to join its family and encourage them to play an influential and effective role in the process of excellence pursued by the Authority.
The Director General of the IA confirmed that Emiratization takes an advanced priority in the IA's strategy and agenda, which is consistent with the vision of the prudent leadership to empower citizens in the labor market.
He said that the Strategic Plan for the Insurance Authority aimed at continuously empower young people in the insurance labor market and to attract talent and expertise that would contribute to raising the performance of the market and enhance its global competitiveness in line with the national agenda and to achieve the requirements of the UAE Vision 2021.
He pointed out that the Insurance Authority is making great efforts to qualify and invest in national cadres to be more capable of handling insurance inputs and outputs at all levels and to assume advanced positions in the senior technical levels in the insurance sector.
Mr. Al-Zaabi confirmed that the IA has carried out in this area so many initiatives and programs that have led to the preparation of young people to work in the technical, financial and legal aspects of the insurance and reinsurance business.
He said that “the IA implemented an initiative to empower (36) citizens of the employees of the IA and the sector to obtain higher insurance professional degree, the certificate of Fellowship and Diploma of the Chartered Insurance Institute in London (ACII).  He pointed out that the IA started to prepare the MOA to establish a training institute for qualified human cadres in the insurance sector.  Furthermore, IA has signed partnership agreements with academic institutions in the UAE to raise the rate of Emiratization at the sector level.
In the meantime, on the sidelines of its participation in this Fair, the Insurance Authority organized an awareness campaign targeting policyholders and visitors of the Fair.
This campaign came in line with the vision and mission of the Insurance Authority to promote the competitiveness of the local insurance market and upgrade it to international levels; and ensure insurance protection for policyholders and beneficiaries by introducing them to their rights when buying insurance policies, as well as their financial and technical obligations in insurance.
During this campaign, the IA distributed publications and awareness pamphlets urging policyholders and the public to follow the best insurance practices, particularly with regard to a understanding their rights and obligations incurred by the use of insurance policies and various products and when potential risks are realized, thus contributing to enhancing the awareness of policyholders and the public of insurance issues and ensuring their interests and rights, as well as to safeguarding the interests and rights of insurance companies and insurance-related professions.
The campaign concentrated on the leaflets of “Know Your Insurance Policy”,  Be sure to get excellent insurance service before price, “Know Your Rights And Duties”, “General Guidance for Vehicle Insurance Policyholders”, and “We live up to your service”, as well as to providing an introductory booklet on the concept, principles and elements of insurance.
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