Insurance Authority Received 5350 Complaints in 10 Months

: 1/3/2012
The number of complaints and inquiries received by the insurance during the first ten months of this year to 5350 complaints and inquiries for branches of various insurance, the bulk of which (about 5000 complaints) regarding complaints car insurance and inquiries about the laws and regulations established by the Insurance Commission, while the spread of complaints remaining 350 on many forms.

Isaac confirmed the Fatima Al-Awadi, Vice Director General of the Insurance Commission told the "Gulf," that the Authority since its inception focused on serving citizens and policyholders who have problems with insurance companies and brokers and processed through the legal and friendly occasion between the parties. She said: "Therefore, we have established a specialized office for complaints and inquiries about the problems and issues of multiple insurance.

They noted that the Insurance Commission is working with all he can to serve the citizens and policyholders perfectly competitive and within the framework of law enforcement in order to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic insurance market.

Stressed Awadi that the Insurance Commission contributed to the solution of 80 percent of the total complaints received by the car insurance through the first ten months of this year through amicable solutions satisfy both parties, as well as answer all queries before and submitted to them about the laws and issues of different insurance, while that the authority has to resolve all complaints from companies to companies, intermediaries and companies and vice versa, and customers Alicherkat amicably, Bastina three complaints have been filed to eliminate two of them from the Commission's recommendation to separate them and provide the Board with the decision to take the appropriate action of its own.

She Awadi that convinced all parties in the insurance market, the domestic credibility of the Authority and its neutral stance on all issues and complaints contributed to reach amicable solutions to most of the cases, indicating that there is a follow-up continued and sustained efforts by the Insurance Commission to receive complaints and the intensification of field follow-up to the insurance market, the local cooperation with the local and federal question, and quickly work to resolve the complaints amicably and legal occasion.

She explained that the Authority, upon receipt of the complaint investigation and direct contact with the company or organization that is geared to the complaint, and therefore consider the possibility of amicably resolved in the first phase, as is the case most of the complaints received and in case they could not be sent to the judicial authorities concerned. She said: "The charge of this office are people of knowledge, competence and experience.

According to Al-Awadi, the Commission continues to take regulatory measures aimed at providing the necessary protection to holders of insurance, a key part of the tasks entrusted to Law No. 6 of 2007 to the Board, noting that these measures include the provision of many of the appropriate means to receive complaints from policyholders, protection and development the local insurance market and enhance its competitiveness.

In the same context, she noted Fatima Al Awadi that the insurance carried during the month of August, the graduation of 18 of its employees who have successfully completed the cycle of judicial officers which was held during the month of May, in collaboration with the Institute of Judicial Training and Studies of the Ministry of Justice, in the context of its efforts the Insurance Commission to achieve its objectives and activation of human and technical capabilities in the insurance regulatory and supervision to ensure the appropriate environment to develop and strengthen the role of the insurance industry to protect the national economy.

And continued, "The staff judicial officers in the tasks of inspection and will investigate complaints of campaign documents received by the Authority as well as overseeing the work of the annual insurance companies in an integrated judicial and a high level of understanding of all aspects of legal oversight and inspection.

Works CCAMLR insurance insurance regulatory and supervision to ensure the provision of appropriate climate for its development, and strengthening the role of the insurance industry to ensure people, property and responsibilities against the risks, to protect the national economy and to collect national savings, development and investment to support economic development in the state and encourage fair competition, effective and provide the best insurance services at prices and coverage of competition and the localization of jobs in the insurance market.



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