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Insurance Authority receives 3870 complaints in 2015

: 2/2/2016

Emirates Today - 02/02/2016

The rate of complaints received by the Insurance Authority (IA) from policyholders (the Insured) has increased by about 66% last year.   The number of complaints received amounted to 3870 compared to 2276 complaints in 2014.   It is noted that 80% of the complaints received during 2015 were related to motor insurance.

The IA reported that it had managed to resolve 87% of the total complaints received, stressing at the same time its supervisory and regulatory role in developing the insurance sector and improving its performance.

In details, the IA stated in answering questions raised by the Emirates Today, that it was performing its supervisory and regulatory role over the insurance companies and insurance-related professions.  Through this role, the IA seeks to develop the role of the sector, improve its performance and enhance the competitiveness of the local insurance market, in addition to strengthening the regional and global confidence in the sector so that to ensure the regulation of and oversight over the insurance sector according to the best legal foundations adopted in the global insurance industry, and monitor compliance by the companies with the relevant legislation, as well as to ensure the soundness of the technical and financial positions of the insurance companies and insurance-related professions, and to what extent they observance the technical foundations for practicing insurance and reinsurance operations.

The IA explained, in this context, that the number of complaints it has received from policyholders and insurance beneficiaries against insurance companies and insurance-related professions over the past year amounted to 3780 complaints compared to 2276 complaints in 2014.   2987 such complaints were related to motor vehicle insurance, accounting for about 80% of the total complaints.  The remaining 793 complaints were distributed among the other insurance classes with a limited number of complaints pertaining to health insurance.  The IA noted that it has managed to resolve the majority of the received complaints within record periods of time at a rate of more than 87%.

The IA emphasized that it is keen to develop methods of insurance awareness of policyholders and the public with the aim of upgrading and enhancing the competitiveness of the local insurance market, and securing insurance protection for the policyholders and beneficiaries.

The IA said it has launched a package of smart services via mobile phones and tablets, allowing customers to use new insurance services through smooth and easy steps that save time and effort, and contribute to the development of the work performance in the IA, local insurance markets.   The second package of services included the development of smart phones applications, activation of the system to receive insurance complaints via smart phones, and e-payment of the fees for the services provided by the IA.

The IA explained that the query service with respect to insurance complaints was one of the significant services, indicating that complainants can inquire about their complaints via the website or be sending an SMS message from the phone number registered in the complaint to 6063, in Arabic language.

IA pointed out that the of the Insurance Authority Application, available via smart phones, was the latest advancement in the delivery of services, providing more multiplicity of communication channels with customers, policyholders, the public, insurance companies and insurance-related professions, in addition to streamlining the procedures in order to meet the directives of the government to develop the business environment and the performance of government work, in addition to meeting the needs of customers and the public.​​



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