100% Smart Transformation in the Insurance Authority according to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Report 2015

: 6/23/2015

100% Smart Transformation in the Insurance Authority according to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Report 2015


Abu Dhabi, 20 June 2015

His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed Al-Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of the Insurance Authority, Securities & Commodities Authority and the General Civil Aviation Authority praised the success by the four agencies in achieving 100% smart transformation of their services.

The Minister was commenting on the results of the e-Transformation Index Report on government services, which is an official report issued by the Telecommunication Regularity Authority (TRA) on e-transformation in the various Federal government agencies and authorities.

Al-Mansouri said “The final results of the report were pleasant; as it showed the size of progress we live today in the United Arab Emirates under the wise leadership of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his brother, the Vice President, Prime Minster and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may Allah bless them both.

The Minister confirmed that the four agencies proved a high calibre of national competences to keep pace with this wise leadership and elevate the level of provided services. All is to contribute to the welfare of the people of the UAE and its residents. He extended his thanks as well to the staff of e-service, smart service and information technology departments in the four agencies.

He then clarified that the results showed a positive interaction among all participating teams within the set period of time by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Those excellent results reflect the extent of development of the services provided by the Federal government as part of the modernization trend that our country live in today.

He pointed out that achieving 100% smart transformation through 62 main government services offered by the four agencies is considered a vast achievement in comparison with the two years given period. It proved that the Emiratis are up to the aspiration and the trust of the wise leadership of the State, as well as are capable of living up to its conscious vision that made UAE a model for development and progress at all levels.

The Minister of Economy asserted that the four agencies with the Ministry of Economy are on the path of the wise leadership and seek to fulfill their target to lower the number of walking-in customers to 80% by 2018. He also confirmed that the Ministry and the four agencies he chairs will ensure the achievement of this target and will try to surpass the set percentage pursuant to the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and out of their faith in the advanced methodology of government work in the State that is focused on quality and excellence.

He noted that smart transformation has contributed to the easiness in the service provision, follow-up, evaluation, printing or attaching files at any time from any computer regardless of the location and without the need to visit the Ministry. In addition, there will be another number of sub-services that will be e-transformed by the coming November.

In a related context, the Insurance Authority achieved 100% on the E-transformation Index for government services according to the TRA Report of 2015.

H.E. Ibrahim Al Zaabi, Director General of the Insurance Authority (IA), praised the support provided by the government, which was the reason behind all the IA success and achievements in e-transformation in the field of services and business. Smart transformation adds to fostering competitiveness, development of business performance in the local market, supporting economic growth and the diversity of the production and economic base of the State.

He confirmed that achieving such an outstanding rate is a strong indicator of the rapid development of the IA performance over the past two years and the progress in the quality of services offered to the customers, which enhances the accomplishment of the insurance sector and the competitiveness of the local insurance market.

He explained that the IA has succeeded in e-transforming its main eleven services into smart services provided via an advanced application available through smart phones and tablets.

He elaborated that the IA succeeded in 2014 in transforming 38 out of 47 services that were offered manually by paper applications into smart services through portable smart phones and tablets. The IA is working on transforming the remaining 9 services as well within the coming year. This will transfer the IA itself into a smart agency with modern competitive services that complements the business environment and government efforts in building a superior modern Emirati community.

The Director General of the IA added that the smart phone application is a contemporary evolution in the services domain; as it increased the communication channels with customers regardless of their nature both individuals and organizations in addition to facilitating the required procedures.

The smart services offered by the IA vary in order to meet the requirements and needs of customers such as; receiving insurance-related complaints and inquiries, renewing local and international insurance company registrations, registering and renewing the registration of their branches, renewing the registration of corporate and individual agents, brokers, surveyors and loss adjustors, actuaries, insurance consultants and health insurance TPA companies, registering and renewing the registration of their branches, requesting amendment to the data of insurance companies, health insurance TPA companies, corporate and individual agents, brokers, surveyors and loss adjustors, actuaries, insurance consultants in the Register of the IA, e-payment for service charges, and last but not least following up on the procedures of the provided services. Not to forget that all offered services are available 24/7.

The smart platform enables the IA to accomplish new services for insurance transactions by customers with few easy and smooth steps that save time and effort, which contributes to the boosting the performance of the IA and promotes the competitiveness of the local insurance market of the UAE.




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