The Insurance Authority launches the second package of smart services to customers

: 10/15/2014


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Including the development of smart phone applications, a smart complaint query system, and electronic payments...


The Insurance Authority launches the second package of smart services to customers


Abu Dhabi on October 15, 2014


The Insurance Authority has launched the second package of its smart services available via mobile phones and tablets. It enables customers to receive new insurance-related transaction services in streamlined and simple steps that save time and effort. The new package helps develop the performance of the IA and the local market and boosts the competitiveness of business performance in the UAE.


The second package of services includes smart phone application upgrades, improved systems to receive insurance complaints via smart phones, and electronic payment systems to pay IA service fees. The IA's staff can follow up and provide digital service procedures 24/7. These services and others can be used via the IA's website at or via the IA Application on smart phones.


New developments from the IA have grown efforts to raise the level of insurance services. These changes are in accordance with wise leadership instructions that aim to develop the business environment and the government’s performance. By adopting competitive and smart services, the IA can become one of the leading government institutions providing state-of-the-art services based on advanced smart devices. Smart technology can help the IA to better cope with the upcoming periods of development and upgrading in the UAE, as well as match the pace of the latest developments in current technology.


The insurance complaints query service is one of the most important smart services provided by the IA via the SMS and IVR systems. Those wishing to complain can submit queries about the insurance complaints through the website or smart services by sending a text message (or "SMS") from the number recorded in the complaint to number (6063) in Arabic in the following format: (ش<رقم الشكوى >ع) or in English in the following format: c<Complaints No>en. In both cases, the status of the complaint will be sent to the number recorded in the complaint.


Those wishing to complain can submit a query about insurance complaints via the "IVR" system by calling the IA’s telephone number (024990111). After calling, one must proceed with the required procedures and steps before entering the complaint number. They will then receive the latest updates on the status of the complaint.


The IA has designed a cutting-edge system that provides all national and foreign insurance companies (and other insurance-related professions and their branches) with notifications reminding them of their license renewal and registration dates.  Companies are reminded one month before the expiration date and customers are reminded a few days before the expiration date via electronic mail or SMS. This service is one of the many smart services provided by the IA to the customers via a package of electronic and smart services delivered through phones and mobile devices.


Furthermore, the IA has developed a smart electronic payment system that includes many payments options (from Visa and Master Card to E-Dirham), all of which are all simple and safe.


The IA endlessly looks to provide competitive services to its company and insurance-related profession customers with consecutive and consistent steps that ensure access at any place and time. The IA also ensures that services can be carried out competently and proficiently, in order to achieve its vision to become the leader in the regulation and development of the insurance sector, and improve its standards to live up to those offered by international competitors. The smart services system has enabled IA staff to pursue the provision of services around the clock and 7 days a week, in a way that exceeds customers' expectations and harmonizes with government instructions applicable in this area.


In June of last year, the IA launched 33 smart services, including a system to receive and settle complaints, a system to renew national and foreign insurance company registration, a system to register and renew the registration of national and foreign company branches, and a system to renew the registration of insurance agents, brokers, loss adjusters and surveyors, mathematicians, insurance consultants, health insurance claims management companies (whether companies or individuals). A system was also created to register the branches of the aforementioned professions, and renew their record registrations. Services also included creating a system that handled requests for amending the data of insurance companies, and a system that handled the health insurance claims of management companies, individuals, insurance agents, brokers, loss adjusters, surveyors, mathematicians, and insurance consultants in the record books.


The adoption of this package of smart services represents a turnaround in way the government provides services via phones and mobile devices. It meets the expectations and requirements of the IA's customers, which positively reflects on the performance of the insurance companies and insurance-related professions, leading to a thriving business environment in the UAE.


The initiation of smart services arises from the development of IA’s procedures, performance, and services in various areas. The IA has had many successes when developing quality concepts and promoting a culture of creativity, excellence, and team work. Service provision techniques have been modernized and there is a commitment to providing a package of smart services to the customers and the public. This will lead to a growing competitive edge in the Emirati insurance market and will spread the concept of government services amongst the business community and the public.



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