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IA Organize ”Property Insurance” Session

: 6/20/2011
The IA organized a training session on insuring properties against all risks in the framework of its awareness programmes of the professional risks and means of protection.

H.E. FMIA, DDG of the IA assured in an inaugural statement before the session held in the IA’s premises that the IA is been to execute awareness programs related to professional risks and protection against these risks as a commitment to improve performance of the employee of the Insurance Companies and develop insurance industry.

She indicated that the present session is considered an introduction for other sessions the IA is intending to organize during the coming months following the success achieved by the preceding training session which contributed in the developing the insurance sector and training the cadres of the insurance companies.
The DDG of the IA stressed on the necessity of disseminating insurance awareness and explaining importance of the insurance and the services it renders to UAE national and the expatriates in particular and to all elements of the national economy.

The training sessions handled the key classification of property insurance which include insurance of property against all risks, availing comprehensive and integrated coverage of the industrial events, commercial and personal properties such as fire, natural disasters, accidental accidents if not an exception, and comprehensive household insurance. The coverage as well includes loss of profit insurance due to business interruption or irregularity because of uncovered loss or damage.



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