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The IA organizes a workshop for the insurance companies on innovation management in leadership risks

: 3/21/2016

The IA organizes a workshop for the insurance companies on innovation management in leadership risks


Al Zaabi: Reducing road accidents is a target the IA takes part to achieve


Abu Dhabi, ….. March 21, 2016

The Insurance Authority (IA) organized a workshop for national and foreign insurance companies operating in the State on innovation management in leadership risks. The workshop was attended by officials and professionals from the companies and relevant entities in the State.

The workshop, which was held in the IA headquarters in Dubai, was organized in line with the IA endeavor to support innovation in the State and demonstrate its importance in the insurance markets through efforts to develop creative ideas and build better economic visions.

H.E. Ebrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of the IA, said in the opening speech of the workshop that thanks to the vision of the prudent leadership, the United Arab Emirates has an integrated and up-to-date platform of infrastructure facilities, road and transport network which are the most developed worldwide.  He noted that the UAE ranked first in the Road Quality Index according to the Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-2015. 

He pointed out that in light of this world-class road networks, road accidents still constitute a concern for the competent entities and departments in the State, although the rates of road accidents dropped over the recent years, due to the casualties of human and property caused by them.

Mr. Al Zaabi said that out of the IA’s belief that overcoming the problem of road accidents is a collective responsibility, the IA set reduction of road accident as a target which it seeks to achieve by maintaining the lives and safety of the individuals in the society.

He explained that the IA’s effective efforts in this area are focused on the driver or policyholder being the most important element in the equation of reducing accidents by launching many initiatives that aim at improving the level of awareness about insurance and traffic safety of the motor drivers (i.e. the policyholders in general).

He added that in 2015 the IA performed the biggest awareness campaign targeting the policyholders and vehicle drivers with the objective of boosting the insurance awareness in the society to ensure insurance protection for the policyholders and beneficiaries. He noted that the IA supports the initiatives of all the partners and concerned entities in boosting the traffic awareness and developing the culture of traffic safety in the society.

The IA Director General affirmed that the IA’s efforts raising the awareness of policyholders and vehicle drivers about the concept of insurance and traffic safety continue hand in hand with the efforts related to developing the legal, regulatory, and technical aspects of the insurance market.

He noted that such workshop represents a stop in the many innovative initiatives which the IA seeks to enhance during the forthcoming period.

The one-day workshop included training programs and practical tests to enhance the knowledge base of the personnel of the insurance companies about everything related to the concept of insurance, safety, and risks of driving. It also included practical lectures on the risks of driving, causes of road accidents, and how to face or minimize such risks and accidents by the insurance entities especially under the continuous human and physical losses.





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