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The Insurance Authority Is Working to Apply Telematics in Insurance Operations to Reduce Road Accidents

: 9/10/2019

The Insurance Authority is currently working on applying a modern electronic system in the motor insurance operations to monitor the behavior of drivers and guide them when committing wrong practices while driving, which contributes to reduce traffic accidents and reduce the number of mortalities resulting from road accidents.

This comes within the framework of the Authority's contribution to the implementation of the national agenda of the UAE Vision 2021 and the achievement of the national index by reducing the number of mortalities resulting from road accidents to 3 per 100 thousand of the population.


"The implementation of this system came after the Authority had presented to the Government Accelerators Committee the initiative of adopting the application of the best international applications that apply modern technologies, such as, telematics to reduce traffic accidents and the number of road deaths. Eventually, this will contribute to the achievement of the national index by reducing the number of mortalities resulting from road accidents to 3 per 100 thousand of the population.", said H.E. Ebrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, the Director General of the Insurance Authority.


He added that the implementation of the initiative will be through cooperation with some strategic partners from government bodies through the Government Accelerators Initiative, such as the Ministry of Interior , the Ministry of Economy, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, Emirates Transport, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company "ADNOC" , the Federal Transport Authority- Land & Maritime and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, as well as,  insurance companies.


He highlighted that the Authority has conducted extensive studies on best practices and international applications that adopt modern technologies in motor vehicle insurance operations, which will reduce traffic accidents and decrease the number of road deaths.


The Director General of the Insurance Authority stressed that the results of the studies showed that the adoption of (telematics) has led to a decrease of 50% in the number of accidents in some countries. The system succeeded in guiding drivers to safe driving style and improve the behavior of motor vehicle drivers. In addition to the development of a positive insurance record of motor vehicle drivers, which positively reflected on the improved level of traffic safety on the road.

The Director General of the Insurance Authority explained that the implementation of the initiative will be through several stages, including laying down the database infrastructure and the operator through the formation of a joint committee of the concerned authorities. The application of the initiative will be on transportation vehicles in the pilot phase and then on taxis, commercial vehicle fleets, rental cars and private cars.

He added that the Authority proposed to start the implementation of the initiative through the pilot application by the installation of 1000 devices on taxis and commercial vehicles in the first phase and measuring the results of implementation.

Al-Zaabi explained that the "Telematics" device, which is similar to the size of a mobile phone, will be installed under the steering wheel of the vehicle. It will measure the instant data and information related to the behavior of the driver and the driving style, including (speed, overtaking, racing, braking, engine condition. In case of accidents, the device measures the crash conditions, the severity and time of the accident). Additionally, the device will help the concerned party to contact the driver immediately after the incident is detected and provide assistance.


The Director General of the Insurance Authority added that the application of the system will help the insurance sector to know and analyze the driving style of drivers, linking the insurance premiums to the driving style and the use of the vehicle, reducing insurance premium, facilitating the process of claims settlement, finding out all the technical details in case of car accident, and reducing the volume of compensation by eliminating cases of fraudulent claims. In addition to increasing the sector's contribution to GDP resulting from the reduction of over spending on repairing vehicle damages.


Furthermore, it will help in reducing the number of deaths and save lives as a result of reducing accidents by up to 50%, preparing a database of drivers and compliance with traffic laws. In addition to achieving positive indicators in traffic safety and speeding the responsiveness to emergency calls by swiftly accessing the emergency services.



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