The Insurance Authority Started Activating the “Remote Work” System

: 3/18/2020

The Insurance Authority started activating the remote work system in providing its services to customers, public and partners in order to maintain the safety and health of employees and customers.

The authority confirmed that the activation of this system allows customers from insurance companies, insurance related professions, policyholders, beneficiaries, the public and partners to use the service package of the IA which became electronic and smart and available through its website

The IA invited customers and the public to follow up the different communication channels of the Authority, including social media channels, to learn more about the developments in the insurance sector.

The IA clarified that activating the provision of remote services is in line with the directives of the UAE government, which aim at strengthening preventive and precautionary measures and based on the IA's keenness to safeguard the safety and health of citizens and residents, including customers, policyholders, the public and partners.
The IA pointed out that all the services of the Authority are available in an electronic and smart form after the success of the digital transformation applied in the IA to facilitate the services for the customers and the public and address the different challenges.

The IA invited customers, policyholders and the public to use electronic and smart services and enhance communication with the Authority through its multiple channels, including social media channels, to learn more about the developments, procedures, decisions and awareness bulletins related to the insurance sector.



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