The Insurance Authority launches advanced and smart initiatives to develop the Sector during the Innovation Week

: 11/22/2015

Abu Dhabi, 22 November 2015

HE Ibrahim Obeid Al Zaabi, Director General of the Insurance Authority opened the events of the Insurance Authority’s Innovation Week in Abu Dhabi, under the slogan "The Insurance Authority Innovates".  The Week is part of the events of Emirates Innovation Week, and is marked in the presence of the managers of insurance companies, insurance-related professionals, policyholders and the public.

These events are the first series of events, which the Authority intends to organize in the Innovation Week at the State level in cooperation with the customers of the Authority and its partners.

Mr. Al Zaabi said in his opening speech that "the organization of such events is as an embodiment of the declaration of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President, May Allah protect him, that 2015 is the year of innovation, and in implementation of the directives of HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, which is in line with the National Innovation Strategy that aims to promote the position of the State among the more innovative countries in the world.

He explained that innovation in the United Arab Emirates became a main feature in making radical change in the economy and business formulations, and a prominent landmark in developing the culture of serving customers by virtue of the vision of the wise leadership and its approach, which supports innovation issues and fields.

Al Zaabi said:  "the latest translation of this vision and approach came recently when HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President, May Allah protect him approved the UAE higher policy of the UAE in the field of Sciences, Technology and Innovation, which include 100 initiatives with investments amounting to 300 Billion Dirhams.  It includes the creation of funds to finance sciences, researches and innovation, and to reconsider all investment legislations to encourage the transfer of technology and support innovation.

The Director General of the Insurance Authority confirmed that, based on this vision, the Authority has adopted creativity and innovation as one of the core values that the Authority seeks to establish and promote at the level of the Authority and the sector with a view to move the Insurance Sector forward towards the future on innovative basis.

He indicated that the Authority has launched a strategy to manage creation and innovation in order to bring about a substantial and radical change in the management means and methods, and enhance the competitive ability in the provision of services in a better manner, and explore the individuals' capabilities to support and guide them toward development and improvement.  The Authority also launched the "Innovation Corner" in its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, which provides everybody with a room to share innovative thoughts with a view to develop the culture of innovation and business development.

Al Zaabi explained that marking the Innovation Week by the Insurance Authority aims at disseminating the innovation culture in the State and promote its position as an international center for innovation.  It also aims to introduce to the insurance policyholders and customers the innovative projects of the Authority and its various initiatives in providing the highest level services to the customers, as well as to exchange thoughts, knowledge and expertise in order to develop all the services of the Authority.

He said that the Authority will launch a number of initiatives during the Innovation Week, the most important of which will be the Telqaai Initiative, Your Professional E-Policy Initiative, Quick Contract Initiative, and My Channels Initiative, which is an initiative to diversify the channels to receive the complaints of policyholders and beneficiaries relating to insurance activities, the Good Driver Initiative, Know Your Policy Initiative, My Window Initiative to introduce an electronic system for correspondences and inquiries, My Invention Initiative, which is an innovative competition addressed to university students, Joint Electronic Control Initiative and Innovative Employee Initiative.

He expressed hope that the events to mark the Innovation Week will provide a window for communication and positive interaction to best serve the interests of the sector and national economy.

Al Zaabi said that the strategy of the Insurance Authority succeeded in adopting smart and competitive services, and in developing the business environment to build a contemporary advanced Emirati society, and thus, it developed to a smart authority in its services and transactions provided to the public, insurance companies and insurance-related professions.  

Consequently, the Authority achieved 100% accomplishment rate in the Smart Electronic Transformation Indicator for government services, according to the report of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority for the year 2015.

Smart services in the Authority include services to policyholders, the public and the customers, including insurance companies and insurance-related professions, such as complaints, inquiries related to insurance, registration and renewal of the company for insurance companies, insurance-related professions and their branches, electronic payment of service charges, and follow-up on the provided services and delivering them on 24/7 basis.

Al Zaabi also stated that such services have achieved an outstanding added value, which has contributed to developing the governmental work environment and enhanced the competitiveness of the Insurance Sector. They also contributed to provide low-cost, easy and smooth services to the policyholders, customers and public around the clock.

The celebration events of the of the Insurance Authority Innovation Week included the launch of a number of initiatives and digital platform along with specialized lectures and interactive workshops in the presence of lecturers and professionals in the innovation field.




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