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The Insurance Authority launches an electronic system For Emiratisation in the insurance sector in the State

: 8/30/2017

The Insurance Authority has launched the unified electronic system at the level of the insurance companies operating in the State, which aims to implement the cabinet resolution No. (10) of 2015 regarding the adoption of the Emiratisation strategy in the insurance sector.


The objective of this electronic system is to collect data of employees working in the insurance sector and to work on establishing a database for employees in the sector and issuing instantaneous reports on the conditions of the employees and the Emiratis in particular, which helps to implement the new Emiratisation strategy and calculate the target and achieved points in the field of Emiratisation.


H.E. Ibrahim Obaid Al- Zaabi, the Director General of the Insurance Authority, said that Emiratisation in the insurance sector has an important significance in the Insurance Authority's strategy. We work in the Authority in line with the vision of the wise leadership, especially in raising the level of efficiency of employees in the insurance sector and supporting Emiratisation, which achieve the balance between the public and private sectors in providing suitable employment opportunities for Emiratis.

He added that the Insurance Authority's vision of Emiratisation is a comprehensive long-term approach not only to increase the number of UAE Nationals in the insurance sector, but also to qualify the technical Human resources who are capable of dealing with insurance inputs and outputs at all levels, thus contributing to the process of sustainable development.

He pointed out that the electronic system helps the Insurance Authority to save time and effort in the performance of its functions and helps them to perform their control and supervisory functions in the implementation of the Emiratisation strategy.

The Director General of the Insurance Authority clarified that the electronic system has been developed to include the training of UAE nationals in specialized technical courses in cooperation with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is distinguished by its international education curriculum through its international certificates in Insurance, provided by the technical and teaching staff specialized in this field.

The system will also create a high-accuracy database to collect the data of the UAE Nationals trained in the insurance sector and the companies working in it and compile the curriculum vitae for each person in order to benefit from employment in the insurance sector.

In the same context, the Director General of the Insurance Authority pointed to the importance of raising awareness among the general public in addition to raising the percentage of Emiratisation in the insurance sector. "The Insurance Authority is addressing the gap in Emiratisation levels especially in certain technical positions through a points system that gives additional points to companies that employ UAE Nationals in specialized insurance professions. Points will also be awarded to insurance companies according to the job grades of the UAE Nationals and the amount and investment in the training and development of the UAE Nationals in the company ",he said.

"We are currently supporting the industry with cooperation agreements with specialized organizations such as the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). We have launched a new initiative entitled My Skills "Maharati" to provide free training to UAE Nationals in cooperation with the best international institutes." , he added.



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