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The Insurance Authority adopts the E-Dirham for service fee payments

: 5/4/2015

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Insurance Authority adopts the E-Dirham for service fee payments


Abu Dhabi on May 4, 2014

The Insurance Authority adopted the second-generation E-Dirham services in its procedures today. It is now the sole method of paying the charges and fees required of the services it provides, except for the fees related to supervision and oversight.


The change is part of the development strategy adopted by the IA and is in accordance with its endeavors to boost the performance of its works and services. It is consistent with the smart government initiative and its endeavors to catch up with and use state-or-the-art technologies, thereby more efficiently automating business, services, and financial resources. It is hoped that this will optimize the methods of payment available to pay for the services delivered by the government.


As of Sunday, May 4, 2014, the IA adopted the E-Dirham as the sole method of collecting revenues. The IA converted its entire service structure in order to adopt the E-Dirham. All collections of cash to pay for service fees have been cancelled, except for those paying for fees related to supervision and oversight.


Through various E-Dirham applications, the IA enables its customers to pay all due fees and financial expenses with the least time and effort possible. Payments can now be made through the use of approved E-Dirham G2 cards, which include prepaid E-Dirham cards (including the red Al Haslah Card, the blue Al Haslah Card, and the Gold Al Haslah Card), in addition to the credit cards issued by banks and financial companies (including Visa and MasterCard).


On this issue, the IA issued a circular to the insurance companies and insurance-related professions, instructing them to consider obtaining either a E-Dirham G2 or one of the approved credit cards to pay for any service provided by the IA.


The E-Dirham G2 aims to provide flexibility when collecting fees and revenues by establishing safe payment channel that encourage the use of cards and electronic transfers. This contributes to rationing the use of financial resources and boosting the optimum application of sustainable and balanced developments at the national level.


The new system has helped achieve a turnaround in service provision and pace, as well as saving customers and companies time and effort. Furthermore, it contributes to increasing electronic services amidst the rising tendency of businesses to depend on services like these.  The new system is also in line with significant developments seen in the UAE that have increased the number of services provided to companies and individuals. These new developments have placed the UAE at the top of the best economies in the global competitiveness rankings.



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