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The Insurance Authority and Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University sign a MOU in the prequalification and institutional support field

: 2/4/2014

The Insurance Authority and Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University sign a MOU in the prequalification and institutional support field


Al Zaabi: The MOU is an important step to develop the national cadres and enhance competitive and institutional capacities.

Al Kamda: The University shall provide the methods to promote human resources in the United Arab Emirates.


Abu Dhabi, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014 – the Insurance Authority (IA) and Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMEU) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on mutual work in the areas of institutional development, quality support, excellence, and raising the educational capabilities of the national cadres and workers in the insurance sector, as well as promoting the national capabilities necessary to materialize the strategic objectives.


The MOU was signed by H.E. Ibrahim Obeid Al Zaabi, Director General of the IA and Mrs. Athba Al Kamda, Assistant CEO for Student Affairs and Business Development of Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University at the IA headquarters in Abu Dhabi in the presence of officials from both parties.


Mr. Al Zaabi confirmed the importance of signing the MOU for the IA paving the way for cooperation with such a national prestigious and prominent educational edifice, noting that the MOU constitutes a source of pride due to the significant contribution of the HBMEU in the area of e-learning and its specialization in institutional excellence and innovation.


He explained that the signing of the MOU comes in the course of the IA’s keenness to build strategic partnerships with national institutions to enhance competitive capabilities; and out of its permanent interest in human resources, prequalification of the national cadres, as well as its continuing quest to raise the institutional capacity and institutional excellence of its employees with a view to achieve qualitative excellence in the application of quality principles and provide the appropriate environment to stimulate and encourage inherent potentials towards creativity and innovation.


The Director General of the IA stressed the IA endeavor to further the concept of prequalification of the technical staff to be capable of handle insurance inputs and outputs at all levels and enhance the competitiveness of this vital sector for the support of the economic development of the UAE.


H.E. Al Zaabi stated that the IA has ongoing training initiatives in all functional and professional fields in line with the IA’s strategic plan, vision and goals and consistent with the increased growth of the national economy.  He noted that the IA initiative aim at preparing tens of UAE citizens working in the insurance sector to obtain the highest professional qualification in insurance, namely the fellowship and diploma of the Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) – London.


On her part, Mrs. Athba Al Kamda, Assistant CEO for Student Affairs and Business Development at the HBMEU, considered that cooperation with the IA was in implementation of the mutual coordination and cooperation framework among government authorities in the UAE in order to raise competences and build national capacities to promote quality, excellence and academic qualification, and achieve the UAE’s strategic goals.  She added, “We at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University are committed to provide all means necessary to upgrade the human element that represents a basic foundation to achieve the insightful vision of the prudent leadership for the UAE to move forward to the ranks of the advanced countries worldwide.”


Under the MOU, the HBMEU shall contribute to the support and development of the IA human resources through the organization and management of an introductory seminar to for the IA employees. The seminar includes an introduction to the HBMEU, its objectives, study programs and various available disciplines. In addition, the HBMEU shall get familiar from a close perspective with the training needs of the IA in accordance with the agenda for administrative development and upgrading the institutional capacity of the IA.

The HBMEU seeks to launch academic study programs commensurate with the needs of the insurance and Takaful sector and to provide the sector with national cadres qualified in the field. Furthermore, the HBMEU will offer various training courses, especially in the relevant insurance areas. The HBMEU offers the IA employees and those working in the insurance sector incentive tuition rates to study, train,  and take full advantage of the incentives and scholarships offered, as well as specialized training courses in the field of insurance and Takaful.       


Furthermore, the HBMEU shall provide the IA employees, under the MOU, with the opportunity for optimal utilization of the leaders e-club, e-library, publications, and HBMEU Publishing House Services containing a number of specialized publications in both English and Arabic on total quality. In addition, they can benefit from the opportunities provided by the e-learning system at the HBMEU.


The IA regularly provides scholarships to a number of its employees and insurance sector  employees to continue their higher studies in accordance with the Emiratization Plan.  The two parties will cooperate under the MOU to implement the Masar Program and the requirements of the Emirates Government Excellence Award (Shiekh Khalifa Excellence Program).  They formed a joint working group composed of members of the IA and JBMEU to be the main point of contact to implement the MOU.




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