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The IA launches the Creation and Innovation Department to develop the services and boost the sector’s competitiveness

: 9/12/2015

Al-Mansouri: Instilling the culture of creation is the IA's strategy to promote the corporate work environment and develop the insurance services.

Abu Dhabi, September 12, 2015

The Insurance Authority (IA) launched the Creation and Creation and Innovation Department at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, in implementation of the vision of prudent leadership declaring 2015 as the 'Year of Creation' in the UAE.  The new Department also supports the IA's strategy to instill the roots of creation and spirit of innovation among the IA's staff and the UAE insurance sector in order to develop the corporate work and boost the competitiveness of insurance services.

H.E. Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al-Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of the IA, said that the establishment of the Creation and Innovation Department at the IA was consistent with the development visions and strategies in the UAE and pursuant to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State and the approach of His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to promote creativity and innovation in all areas so that the UAE becomes one of the most creative countries worldwide by 2021.

He emphasized the importance of creation in achieving the goals of the UAE National Agenda.

He explained that launching such Department came in line with the policies and plans adopted by the IA to support creativity, based on the excellent and active participation of the IA's staff, customers and the public by providing innovative ideas and working to optimally apply them in order to develop the insurance services and develop the insurance sector on creative bases.  

He said: "The Creation and Innovation Department of the IA aims at instilling the culture of creation, developing corporate work environment, boosting the competitiveness of insurance services provided to the customers and the public, and developing the performance of the local insurance market to support the growth of national economy and comprehensive development, given the fact that creation is the capital of the future".

He added that creation in the UAE has become a key feature and a distinct element in business development and in promoting the culture of customer service based on the vision of the prudent leadership endeavoring to make the UAE one of the most creative countries in the world in the upcoming years.

He confirmed that on this basis the IA adopted innovation and creation as one of the core values that the IA seeks to apply and promote at the level of the IA and the sector with the objective of driving the insurance sector ahead based on creative foundations.

He explained that the IA considers creation as a key catalyst of making the future, being the real capital which places the institutions and companies at the forefront and seeks to enable them to face the challenges.  Such vision is based on the true belief that generation of ideas and creation are a corporate work and that customer service should be the culture of the entire institution where every person is committed to serve the customers and compete to provide the best services.

Launching the Creation and Innovation Department is a part of the creativity management strategy recently launched by the IA in conjunction with developing an action plan for the department in 2015, with the objective  of instilling innovative excellence and providing the appropriate attractive environment which promotes creative ideas and innovative visions in order to overcome challenges and invest in the creative ideas of the staff, the customers and the public as well as adopting and implementing such ideas using proper methods.

The Minister of Economy and Chairman of the IA asserted that investing in and supporting new ideas to convert them into products and services is one of the key requirements to boost the ability of creation.  He explained that creation, research, science and technology represent the key cornerstones for a competitive and highly productive knowledge economy, which is driven by entrepreneurs in a stimulating business environment that promotes active public-private partnerships.

He said: "companies that promote creation are the ones that ensure business continuity and can develop themselves, achieve sustainable growth and cope with the accelerated changes in the finance and business world.

He indicated that the National Innovation Strategy launched by His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, focuses on seven key sectors and aims at taking the UAE into a new stage, where a culture of creation and innovation is built and disseminated among the individuals, businesses and the public sector while consolidating such culture in multiple activities in the sectors that will lead the innovation process in the future.

The IA's strategy seeks to promote the presentation of ideas and suggestions across the IA by instilling the culture of creation, innovation, governance and transparency of creation and innovation processes, developing and providing the key tools for governmental creation, and creating an environment with innovation activities as a key factor in the growth and boom of such activities and the development of the organizational framework of innovation by providing organizational environment and policies that stimulate creation and optimum use of ICT in order to gain, disseminate and exchange knowledge, with the objective of encouraging creation and analyzing internal and external environment of innovation.

The general objectives of the Creation and Innovation Department launched by the IA are to make a qualitative and dramatic change in the management methods and approaches, enhance the competitive ability to provide better services, discover self-capabilities of individuals and support and direct them towards development and improvement, and help in self-achievement and promote the sense of achievement.

Toward achieving this strategy, the IA has recently embarked upon developing policies and advanced work plans for creation.  It has also developed the procedures for suggestions and adopted innovation-related approaches such as brainstorming sessions for the IA's personnel and sector's officials.  Other approaches include organizing regular meetings with the partners to adapt their working systems and practices with the standards and requirements of excellence in the area of creation and developing a new system that aims at providing financial and physical support to all proposals, initiatives and constructive projects that aim at developing the services and processes.

Furthermore, the IA launched the "IA Window" on the Communication Portal which helps the employees to obtain all information related to the IA's administrative and technical operations including work procedures, laws, legislation, strategies, policies and studies. Also, the IA is developing a new proposal program that will be used to submit and assess proposals under international and clear standards to ensure transparency.




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