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The Insurance Authority launches an initiative to qualify UAE students for the labor market and to develop electronic systems

: 7/9/2014


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The Insurance Authority launches an initiative to qualify UAE students for the labor market and to develop electronic systems


Alittihad- Albayan- Alkhaleej- Emarat Alyoum- WAMNEWS


The Insurance Authority launched a training initiative today for Emirati students studying in universities, colleges, and institutions that are approved in the UAE. The initiative aims to benefit from the creative ideas and practical skills of the students, and will use these to develop the IA’s electronic systems, service systems and awareness programs. The training initiative will contribute by developing the work carried out at the level of the IA and the insurance sector, and will qualify the participating students for work in the insurance sector (and other economic sectors) in the future.


H.E. Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al-Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of the Insurance Authority, said that the initiative is in line with the IA’s current vision: to regulate and develop the insurance sector, thus enabling it to compete globally. The initiative endeavors to improve the level of services provided to customers and the public, and increases the attractiveness of working in the insurance sector for newly graduated Emirati students. This final point ultimately helps to achieve the IA’s plan to nationalize jobs in the insurance sector.


Al-Mansouri asserted the IA’s commitment to implementing qualitative and creative initiatives. Many of these contribute to the realization of the IA’s strategies in the area of nationalization, by expanding the UAE citizen employee base, developing their role in leading the UAE’s insurance sector, and opening more work areas for Emirati citizens. These achievements particularly apply to academic students, by developing their creative ideas and practical skills, as well as qualifying and training them to work in all aspects of insurance in the future.


He noted that the IA pursues and uses the abilities and creative ideas of Emirati students from  universities in the UAE to develop the efficiency of the work carried out in the IA.  Not only does this serve the insurance sector and the national economy, it builds a promising generation that contributes to the economic development process and takes part in the comprehensive development plans currently at work in the UAE.


Al-Mansouri also pointed out that the training initiative dedicated to Emirati students in the universities, colleges, and UAE-approved institutions includes the implementation of a number of innovative programs in the areas of electronic systems and awareness. These programs aim to achieve the IA’s strategic plans and helps develop its working culture, which positively reflects on the performance of the insurance sector and the national economy.


He added that this initiative is designed to use the abilities of Emirati students to implement electronic and smart applications in several areas, such as developing the office and field inspection processes, the auditing system, and insurance awareness in general. The relevant skills are identified by organizing creative contests where students are distributed amongst competing teams. The best work is selected on the basis of it meeting the IA’s plans and competitive ambitions, and in its ability to benefit the IA and the UAE’s students, universities and national economy.


Al-Mansouri affirmed the IA’s commitment, through its works and staff, to supporting the education and scientific research sectors. Educational outputs are developed by providing training and career qualifications for Emirati students. This helps to attract them after graduation, thereby encouraging gifted students to work in the local labor market, whether in the insurance sector or other economic sectors.


In his remarks, Al-Mansouri also indicated the IA’s continued commitment to improving its relationship with government entities and educational and scientific institutions in the UAE. Relationships like these help to achieve the IA’s vision and strategy and contribute to achieving the government’s vision and development plans.


The decision that approved the delivery of practical training and the organization of contests for university and college students states that the initiative should attract a number of Emirati students in the UAE’s approved universities, colleges, or higher institutions. All participants will receive training and will work in different areas in accordance with the official working hours and relevant regulations applicable in the federal government.


The decision also details the way that these innovative contests will be organized for the participating students. Students will be asked to design electronic and smart applications for the IA in several areas (such as insurance awareness), and must develop a new office and field inspection process, a new auditing system, and other systems. To encourage students, the IA will deliver financial rewards to the students selected to receive training. Additionally, cash prizes will be awarded to the winning projects. The IA will form a specialized technical committee to set the objectives, standards, methods, and mechanisms necessary to conduct contests. The committee will also evaluate the competing teams, and determine the winning project (in light of the standard applicable procedures).


(Abu Dhabi- Alittihad)




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