The Insurance Authority Introduces a Smart Package of 33 services for its customers

: 6/18/2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Press Release from the Insurance Authority- for release on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014



Whilst helping to revolutionize performance and boost the competitiveness of the local market…


The Insurance Authority Introduces a Smart Package of 33 Services for its Customers


Al Zaabi: We seek the provision of simple and creative solutions to serve customers and encourage the business environment to thrive.


The Insurance Authority introduced the first creative package of smart services via mobile phones and tablets, enabling customers to perform many insurance-related procedures in simple and user-friendly steps, thereby saving time and effort. This positively contributes to the thriving performance seen in the IA and the local insurance market, and boosts the competitiveness of business performance in the UAE.


The first package launched by the IA includes 33 smart services. This represents a turnaround in the provision of government services via phones and mobile devices, especially as they meet customers’ expectations in the first stage. This eventually reflects on the insurance performance of the companies and insurance-related professions and leads to a thriving business environment in the UAE.

The aforementioned “smart” services package includes a number of features. Complaints can now be received and settled , insurance queries can be received via the SMS and IVR systems, national and foreign insurance company registrations can be renewed, and national and foreign company branches can be newly registered or renew existing registrations. Insurance agents, brokers, loss adjusters, surveyors, mathematicians, insurance consultants, and health insurance claims management companies can also renew their registrations (whether they are companies or individuals). The branches of each profession can also be registered, and their records can be registered and renewed. Other services include the handling of requests for amending insurance company data, and the handling of health insurance claims and records of management companies, companies and individuals, insurance agents and brokers, loss adjusters and surveyors, mathematicians, and insurance consultants. All users can also be notified one month before their renewal date via electronic mail or SMS.


H. E. Ebrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of the Insurance Authority, asserted the IA's commitment to turning the wise visions of government leaders into reality (based on instructions given by H. E. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE, and His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai). The proposed changes will help the business environment and government performance thrive and succeed. It will herald the adoption of competitiveness standards, which will result in the success of development and modernization endeavors in different areas. This success is consistent with the comprehensive renaissance seen in the UAE and the progressive growth of the national economy.


Al Zaabi said that the introduction of the first package of smart services (which will add specific value to the services that are already provided) comes in line with the IA's persistent and diligent endeavors to excel whilst serving customers. Excellence is achieved by providing creative and innovative solutions and by providing additional mobile channels that are accessible via phones and mobile devices. The solutions offered will help save time and effort and will rid all parties of unnecessary financial burdens. Additionally, it will develop and improve service performance in a way that is consistent with the competitive business environment seen in the UAE.


Al-Zaabi affirmed the IA's commitment to providing more smart services, all of which contribute to boosting the competitive performance of customers, insurance companies, and insurance-related professions. It will also improve their procedures by saving a great amount of time and effort, and will lower the operational expenses incurred by customers, companies, and the IA at the same time. He indicated that the announced smart services package is the first in a series of other packages intended to be introduced by the IA in the future.


Al Zaabi pointed out that introduction of these smart services comes as a result of the development of the IA's procedures, performance, and services in different areas. The IA has had additional success whilst developing the concepts of quality, and has promoted a culture of creativity, excellence, and teamwork. In addition, service provision techniques have been upgraded and there is a commitment to providing a package of smart services to the customers and the public. He noted that during the past few years, the IA has achieved remarkable qualitative developments in different areas, turning excellence into a key approach in its performance and development. Its success will help achieve the UAE's vision to become one of the best countries worldwide.



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