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The IA Organizes a training course on developing the quality of insurance service delivery to partners and customers

: 4/5/2015

Monday, May 4th, 2015     


The Insurance Authority (IA) organized a training course on developing the quality of insurance service delivery to partners and companies today at the IA's headquarters in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of representatives of the IA's partners of governmental bodies and insurance companies.


H.E. Ibrahim Al Zaabi, Director General of the IA, welcomed the attendees.  He confirmed that the IA is committed to develop the services provided to insurance policyholders.  He further highlighted the importance of improving such services to keep up with the UAE competitiveness level.


During the workshop, the team of the IA Institutional Development Office delivered a presentation on the "Emirates Government Service Excellence Program" application to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 to become one of the best countries worldwide and the program's vision to provide excellent "seven star" government services, as well as to implement the strategic trends towards an integrated and proficient government that focuses on the customs.


Discussions during the workshop also included the customer's typical experience represented in four key phases, namely receiving of service, submitting the service application, communication during the course of procedures, and service completion, in addition to the key customer satisfaction principles in the UAE, service quality and complaint handling.


Moreover, the requirements to deliver "seven star" service to the customers were addressed.   This is based on many key aspects, most importantly laying down untraditional frameworks to instill the culture of creativity, developing a work environment that promotes solutions and creating new methods to provide the services and develop the economy in order to promote the UAE global competitiveness, innovation, creativity in communications, and launching of knowledge forums where ideas, suggestions, and experience are exchanged among the employees, and applying the excellence platform in the entire sector.  



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