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Dear visitor ... We would like to welcome you to the website of the Insurance Authority (IA), and are pleased to explain the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of open data sets offered by IA, including criteria for using such data, i.e. do's and don'ts.


The document aims to set standards regulating the process of copying and use of open data by public users of the site. IA occasionally publishes data including information, studies and statistics in open file formats for the convenience of customers, readers and researchers, so as to enable them to employ such data systematically, as well as to disseminate knowledge and promote the Emirates electronic content in search engines.

Terms and conditions:

Accessing this site means that you agree to and accepted all the terms and conditions set forth here in.

In case of using or re-publishing any data, reference should be made to the copyrights of the Insurance Authority (IA) and to the source of the data, i.e. t IA Website:

These term a and conditions regulating the use of IA website shall apply to all visitors and users, and the use may be suspended, banned or terminated. Users shall be held accountable for any violation to usage terms and conditions laid down in the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates concerning information security and intellectual property rights.

Users must refrain from violating or attempting to violate the procedures and regulations in force by copying or re-using the data published on the website in any form whatsoever.


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